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Welcome one and all to another instalment of "Blog Post Monday"!

What a time we're all living in right now!  We are witnessing some historic changes all over the world and the way we do business is one of them.  I don't know about you, but my bottom had already started twitching with the uncertainty of what Brexit was going to mean for UK businesses, without throwing a global pandemic into the equation as well...! 

I think it's safe to say that businesses are going through a real roller coaster of a ride at the moment, particularly small business.  Issues that you may or may not have seen coming, have arrived, and small business is having to adapt over and over and over again, just to stay a float.  It got me thinking about my own business and the antiques trade as a whole...

What if I could some how pull together some data to help forecast and map these changes and trends within the antiques and collectibles trade...?  Would this be something that would benefit myself and others within the trade...?  Well, I've decided to give it a damn good go and this week's blog post is a call to arms...!  



Over the course of the past few weeks I have been busy compiling a short survey (it takes 2 mins max.) which I have been sending out to as many UK based antiques dealers as I can find.  My aim is to gather as many responses as I possibly can, from all over the UK, to give me the best possible data to analyse and map.

The focus of this survey is directed towards interest in current market trends within the UK antiques, vintage and collectibles community, based on sales and requests for particular items/categories/periods from customers and clients.  It will also be used to gain an insight into the selling platforms that generate the most sales and the countries that are buying most from the UK.  I will be collecting data over a 12 month period and will publish the results on my website upon completion.  If this is successful, I will aim to conduct the same research annually.


Image - this is how the survey looks


This is just the beginning, so I'm open to your ideas and feedback on the data you'd find most useful.  And of course, my focus is solely on the UK antiques trade.  I am ambitious, but studying the entire world's antiques trade might just be a stretch too far for me...!!

I know some people have replied to me to say that they don't click on unknown links, which is fair and I completely understand.  But please let me reassure you, the survey is completely safe.  I have used 'Google Forms' to compile it and I've ensured that no personal data is asked for or collected throughout.  It is completely anonymous.

So, this is a call to arms!  Please help me, help you, by completing my survey and sharing it far and wide within the UK antiques trade.  The more data I collect, the more accurate the results.  I have already received a positive response, so a massive thank you to everyone who has completed it thus far.  I've also had some very positive feedback with people very keen to support me on this, so, again, thank you!


Image - 'Antique Dealers Of The World' Facebook group 


I have also created a Facebook group called 'Antique Dealers Of The World'.  This is a safe space to enable dealers from all over the world and of all genders, race, age, ability, sexual orientation, background and experience to connect and discuss all things trade related.  I want it to be a platform to network, discuss topics, give support and advice, and generally support each other through the ups and downs of the trade.  So, if this sounds like something you might be interested in, then please do join us - 'Antique Dealers Of The World'.



Well, that's it for this week folks.  I hope you've found this interesting.  As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  And, if you enjoy my blog, please show your support by subscribing to it.  You can do so via the 'Home Page' or clicking on 'Create account' at the top of this page.

And, if you are in the UK antiques trade, please remember to complete my survey, it only takes 2 mins - here.

So, until next week, stay safe, keep buying those antiques and keep spreading that Source Vintage love!




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