Hi! My name is Stephen and I’m based in the beautiful city of York in the UK. I sell online and out of the Red House Antiques Centre in the city centre of York.

Now, you will all know that when you start out on your antiques journey it takes time to find the particular area of the trade that gets your juices flowing. There are just so many things to appreciate and love!

This may sound a little odd, but my passion for the things I sell began when I found a little 19th century dolls house chair made from the wishbone from a chicken dinner! An item made by someone over 100 hundred years ago who likely had very little money, but an imagination to create a play thing for their child.

I’ve always had a passion for story telling too and I felt a need to not only sell the pieces, but keep the stories behind the pieces alive.

Folk art really resonates with me. Each piece puts me in the shoes of the creator and tells a story through their eyes. Stories that have been forgotten over time. Stories that should be remembered, cherished and more importantly, told.

Anyway, thanks for reading, thanks for supporting my business and thanks for making my dream of working in this trade a reality, it really does mean the world to me

Please, if you have any questions, are looking to sell or want to know more, do get in touch via our Facebook messaging function or through our Contact Us page.

Love, Stephen x

Owner Source Vintage