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Here we are again!  A happy 'Blog Post Monday' to you all!

I have to admit, I've bought a few odd items recently and it got me thinking that I may have a bit of a problem when it comes to antique oddities.  They're not always the easiest sellers, it's a very niche market, but I'm just drawn to them every time.  I find the weird and the odd so very fascinating.  I see them as conversation starters.  Who doesn't want odd items in their home to get the chat going?  And, to get this conversation started, this week's post is dedicated to some of my most curious of curios.

So, as always, get that kettle on and prepare yourself for a trip into my weird world of antique oddities...



A bit of a bone tingler, this one, but I found it so fascinating that it came home with me.  Like many of my items of oddness, this one was purchased by a London based artist for an installation he was working on.



So, there you go, we're off to a bit of dark start...

But while we're on the theme of crime and punishment, here's another oddity I bought...



This pair of antique Victorian mahogany camera plates would have been used within the criminal justice system and it makes you wonder what sort of gruesome images they would have captured...



Again, these were sold into the arts and were to be used in a theatre performance.

On a lighter note, albeit, still quite creepy, here's another item, or rather items, that caught my eye...



These are doll's head molds and I bought them thinking they were Victorian.  However, they were taken on to Series 2 of BBC antiques show, 'The Bidding Room', where, if I remember correctly, they were thought to be from the 1920's... 



Either way, I gave them to a good friend of mine, George, so that he could feature on 'The Bidding Room' and, after a tense negotiation, resident dealer, James Gooch, bought them... to put sweets in, apparently...?

Next up is an item linked to some other subjects that I have a small fascination with.  Antique fairground and circus pieces.  Two subjects which, I suppose, can be equally mysterious and creepy...



This 1920's Fortune Teller’s dice and purse, for some reason, struck a chord with me.  It took me straight to the mystery and eeriness of the Fortune Teller's tent at the fairground or circus.  Both you and I know that, in the movies, something sinister always happens in or around the Fortune Teller's tent...

This one actually sold very quickly.  But this time, not to the arts, at least, not that I know of...!

And staying on the ever so slightly creepy theme...



This antique, early 1900s, papier mache pig's head is both freaky and beautiful.  The detail is superb, as is the condition, considering its age and the fact that it's papier mache.  These pieces are very rare, simply because so many pieces just don't survive.



I'm not sure if it may have been in a Butcher's shop or maybe in a theatre production...?  But for those of you who have seen the 'Saw' film series, this does have a touch of the 'Jigsaw' about it...!!!!  Freaky!

This little piggy is currently for sale HERE.

Anyway, moving swiftly on to a more comforting subject.  This next piece filled me with both childhood joy and intrigue...



Having been a massive fan of wrestling during my childhood, this unusual lot, consisting of a vintage American 1970's / 80's ladies wrestling suit, a wrestling event poster and a photo of two female wrestlers, instantly caught my eye.  



Surprisingly, there's actually been a fair bit of interest in it.  In fact, I even have some wrestling buffs trying to find out who the wrestler was who would have worn the suit, which would be amazing! 

Personally, I think it would look fantastic in a large frame and hung on a wall.  Who knows, if it doesn't sell, I might do just that.

This one is currently for sale HERE 



Anyway, that's it for this week folks!  I hope you've enjoyed this "Weird" instalment.  As always, let me know what you think in the comments section below, particularly if you've ever bought anything weird yourself.  And, do get in touch if you have something odd that you think I might be interested in!

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So, until next week, stay safe, keep buying those antiques and keep spreading that Source Vintage love!




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