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Another Monday, another blog post!  Welcome to this week's special instalment of "Blog Post Monday".

Whilst sitting down with a brew this week, those Yorkshire tea leaves struck a chord in my brain.  I realised that my life is full, and I mean full, of so many strong, amazing women.  I have far more women in my life than I do men.  And looking back through my life, it's safe to say that it's these strong women who have influenced my path and helped me become the person I am today.

So, with it being International Women's Day today, I thought, what better way to celebrate this than to write about some of the amazing women in my life.  And, I encourage you all to do the same.  Take a moment to think about the women in your life who have had a positive impact on you and why not share those stories.

I'll start by saying a massive thank you to my gang of women.  Thank you for being a positive influence on my life and for your continued love, support and encouragement.  I salute you all! 

 Image:  My Nan, Hazel 


I'll begin with my Nan and Gran, who sadly are no longer with us.  I was blessed with the most amazing grandparents.  I was lucky that I could spend a lot of time with them and both were shining beacons of strength.  I'll tell you why.

My Nan, Hazel, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at a very young age.  In fact, I think she may have only been in her late 30's or early 40's at the time.  Despite her debilitating illness, she was probably the happiest person I have ever known.  Always with a smile on her face and always bursting into hysterical laughter at the slightest thing. 

I remember one story though, which has stuck in my mind, and I think this really highlights the strength and determination of the woman.  We lived with my grandparents for a number of years and I remember one evening, we were all out, apart from my Sister and my Nan.  My Sister was unwell with a chest infection and was in bed upstairs.  My Nan had her bedroom downstairs, as her illness meant she couldn't climb the stairs.  Anyway, my Sister's cough got so bad during the night that my Nan got worried.  So, with that, she decided to drag herself from her bedroom downstairs, all the way up the stairs and into my Sister's bedroom, where she stayed with my Sister all night to make sure she was okay.  Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is true strength.  So, thanks Nan, for being that happy, loving, pillar of strength.

 Image:  My Gran, Ruth


My Granny, Ruth, was another powerful woman.  She grew up in an orphanage, but didn't let this hold her back.  She joined the Salvation Army and was a leading face at marches around the country.  She would even speak at 'Speaker's Corner' in Hyde Park, London, and would always pull in quite the crowd.  She dedicated her life to helping disadvantaged children, not only in the UK, but around the world. 

She also loved to travel and to learn about people and different cultures.  She really was a woman of the people.  I remember a time that she was fascinated by Russia and wanted to go and do some exploring there.  So one day, she packed her suitcase and, accompanied by her close friend, Marjorie, off they went.  Two women in their 60's, exploring Russia.  Upon their return, my Gran set up her projector at her village hall and gave a detailed slideshow of her trip to the whole of the village.  She wanted to bring the sights and experiences of the world, to those who hadn't had the opportunity or the privilege to travel.  A true example of a strong, independent and caring woman.  So, thanks Granny, for breaking down barriers and educating me and many others about the world.


Image:  My Mum, Christine 


There's my Mum, Christine, too.  With my Nan being diagnosed with her illness at such an early age, this had a direct impact on my Mum's life.  My Mum made the decision to care for my Nan and did so, until my Nan passed away at the age of 76.  A single Mum of 3 children, working 2 or sometimes 3 jobs, while caring for her own Mother and then Father, who also became ill.  She has continued her care work of the most vulnerable throughout this Covid pandemic, working frontline at a nursing home.  Caring is her ultimate achievement and I think we can all learn a little something from that.  So, thanks Mum, for passing on your strength and caring nature.

 Image:  My Sister, Sophie 


My Sister, Sophie, is another strong female in my life.  A driving force of power and determination in everything that she does.  She's grabbed life by the balls and has enjoyed a very successful career in marketing because of this.  Never one to let other's expectations or limitations stop her.  If she wants something, she'll fight tooth and nail to get it!  I'm proud as punch of what she's achieved and the person she's become.  A powerhouse with a heart of gold!  So, thanks Soph, for being an inspiration and an amazing Sister.


Image:  My Wife, Liina 


My Wife, Liina.  Well, where do I start?! I'd say Liina is my ultimate inspiration.  A music producer, musician, YouTuber, educator and soon to be author.  A one woman wrecking ball, smashing down sexism, misogyny and inequality in everything she does.  A career not only making great music, but dedicated to helping and inspiring more women into the world of audio.  Check out her YouTube channel 'LNA Does Audio Stuff', this will give you an idea of what she's all about.  She has also created a company called 'Equalize Music Production', where she teaches music production to women and non-binary people all over the world.

It just so happens that Liina has been working on a project for International Women's Day.  It involves a song, 90 female music producers and a YouTube video, showing that, despite females making up only 2.6% of the industry, there are a lot more out there and it's growing everyday.  They will be heard.  You can hear the song 'Ninety' and watch the video here .

Liina changed my life and gave me the belief and confidence I needed in order to go after the things I wanted in life.  If it wasn't for Liina, I wouldn't be an antiques dealer and I wouldn't be writing this blog.  So, thank you Liina, for inspiring me and giving me the confidence to go after my dreams.


Image:  My Friends - Katherine, Claire & Claudia


And then we have all of the powerful women that I'm proud to call my friends.  These are all women from whom I've learnt so much and continue to learn from.  They are strong, determined, independent and are my support network.  They always give me the best advice, the shoulder to cry on and the best times!  So, thank you, Sue, Claudia, Katherine and Claire, for being my friends. 


Image:  A Very Thankful Me 


Well, that's if for this week folks.  I hope you've enjoyed this little insight into the women in my life.  Please, share stories of the inspirational women in your life and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, I always love hearing from you.

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So, until next week, stay safe, keep buying those antiques and keep spreading that Source Vintage love!




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