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In this weeks instalment, I'm going to let you into a secret. Some of you will have visited before, but some of you won't have. But without doubt, you'll have seen it on TV and you'll recognise the owner. This little, or rather, large, antiques centre is my secret local supplier. It never lets me down. I always leave with something and sometimes far too much! Allow me to introduce you to the BEST antiques centre in York. The Red House, ladies and gentlemen... **cue cheering and confetti**

Here's a mini tour of a lovely building and a tremendous centre. If you are into antiques, be sure to pay them a visit next time you're in York, and if you are travelling from a far, you will need a bigger suitcase!! So, get that kettle on, sit back, relax and let me show you around the Red House Antiques Centre in York.

Just look out for the big red Georgian building...



And you'll be welcomed by York's friendliest staff, whether it's the lovely Wendy and Sue, pictured here, or the equally lovely Lucy and Daisy, you'll be met with the warmest of welcomes! 



And if you visit on a Tuesday, you might just be lucky enough to see the legend himself, 'Dickinson's Real Deals' very own Tim Hogarth!



If you haven't visited before, The Red House is set out over 3 floors with a lovely variety of dealers and items. You'll need to give yourself a good 2 to 3 hours to have a proper look around. You don't want to miss anything!!



But don't worry, the delicious Café FeVa is located upstairs and it's a lovely place to grab some lunch and recharge your batteries before continuing with your antiques hunt. If you're anything like me, anyway! 



No matter your interests, there really is something for everyone here! I've certainly had my fair share of beautiful and exciting finds. The prices aren't bad either! They always seem willing to move a little on the ticketed price, which is always much appreciated! Here are a few of my favourite Red House finds, to date...

This rare antique Victorian silver micro mosaic “Nizza” brooch was a beautiful find. Incredible condition and very collectible. It's got a good weight to it too!


This antique Victorian Essex Crystal Bull Terrier dog stick pin in its original box was another super find!



And then there was this rare novelty trunk / case design George III silver vinaigrette hallmarked Birmingham 1818 and made by John Lawrence. This one's available to buy here



I think the sweetness and romanticism of this rare antique Sterling Silver “Here I Stopped” bookmark will always be up there as one of my favourite finds. Hallmarked Birmingham 1922, it didn't hang around for long and went on its way to its new life in the US.



Meanwhile, a room that I'm always drawn to at the Red House is the home of 'Small Fish Antiques'. While always overwhelming, the excitement of never knowing what you'll find is always a draw. But tread carefully and ask for assistance if you want to see something, it's like a game of Jenga in there...!!



Of course, everyone will have their own favourite cabinets, but a few of my fav's (in no particular order) include...

'Forte Antiques', located through the main sales room and at the top of the three steps at the back. They always have a good selection of really interesting items. Whether you're into your fine antiquity or your one off novelty antiques, they have it all and at very reasonable prices too!



'KD Antiques', located, again, in the main sales room and directly opposite the 3 steps at the back. They always have very glamorous statement pieces of jewellery, varying in age. If you want big and bold, this is where you head to!



'Not Just Glass', located up the steps at the rear of the main sales room and on into the next room. It's the first cabinet you come to on your left hand side. As their name suggests, they do sell glass, and some lovely glass come to that, but they also have other quirky, interesting items. Anything from signage, to tins, tools to snuff boxes, it has it all. Always worth a look!



'York Treen', located directly opposite 'Not Just Glass'. If Treen's your bean, then this cabinet must be seen! **takes a bow for that rhyme** But they're not just about Treen, they sell other quirky pieces too. I've had some interesting pieces from here just recently, actually. In fact, I bought an Edwardian horn spoon with a silver whistle on the end, which sold as soon as I added it to my website. Again, worth a look if you visit, you never know what you're going to find.



And if you're into fine antique Victorian jewellery, 'Black Fly' have some stunning pieces! I always stand in awe at the incredible selection they have.



If vintage clothing is your bag, head upstairs and fill your boots with an entire room full of fashion! A vast selection for both men and women. From clothing and shoes to bags and hats, they have it all. Go get yourself kitted out in Yesterday's styles.



Well, that's it for this week folks! I hope you're enjoyed this little tour of The Red House Antiques Centre in York. If you've visited, let me know which cabinets were your favourites, and if you haven't been yet, then go!

So, until next Monday, stay safe, keep buying those antiques and keep sharing your Source Vintage love.




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