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Welcome to this week's instalment of 'Blog Post Monday'.

I saw a video on TikTok this week that has ended up going viral.  It was about a fascinating find that someone had online, but when they received it, they got far more than they'd bargained for...  Speculation about who had once owned this piece spread like wildfire, thus, the subject of this week's blog post was born.

So, as always, get that kettle on and those of a nervous disposition should probably look away, as we discuss some of our spookiest and most disturbing antique finds...



Trawling through antique shops, boot sales and flea markets can uncover some fascinating pieces, from the strikingly beautiful to the damn right frightening.  And, the piece we're looking at today sent some people over the edge!



TikTokker, 'Christina Dyer', purchased what she thought was a stylish and well made book online.  Dating from the 19th century, bound in worn leather, with a clasp to the front and filled with page after page of the previous owner's notes.

However, when Christina received her purchase, she discovered a discrete flap tucked inside the book.  Upon opening it up, she found a number of folded up scraps of paper, all labelled with dates and names.  On further inspection, Christina found that each one contained a lock of hair, each a different colour and bound with ties.



Christina created a TikTok video of her find and it soon went viral with many suggesting the book had once belonged to a serial killer and that the locks of hair were from their victims...!



Now, being in the trade, I'm well aware of some of the odd practices of the Victorians, particularly when it came to death and mourning.  From jewellery made from hair and photographs taken with deceased loved ones, I've seen and owned a few of these pieces in the past.  But, I guess what spooked me the most about Christina's find was the sheer number of locks of hair that had been collected...



Anyway, this got me thinking about spooky finds that I've had personally...  To be fair, I've not had many that are too scary, but here a few that you can make up your own minds about.



I guess the scariest find I've had is probably this antique folk art ship in a bottle, with an interesting inscription around the hessian collar on the bottle neck which read;

“Made by California State Penitentiary at Folsom (Repressa) John Healy Lifer Stage Robber and Murderer Broke Jail Captured Days Later Shooting Sheriff at Mono California NOT HANG.”



A piece made by a robber and a murderer who was serving life in Folsom California State Penitentiary...!



Next up is this set of teeth...  Now, I think they dated from around the early part of the 20th century and what makes it a little weirder, and perhaps a tad freakier, is that I think they had belonged to a child...



Then there is this fairly recent find.  A folk art scratch built box, made from a combination of wood, paper and a thin layer of hide, and dating from around the 18th century.  Not frightening in the truest sense of the word.  But how it was made and how it looked, along with the paper clippings inside of course, gave it a chilling edge...



This was obviously a carry case that was made by someone who didn't have a great deal and they likely kept their most treasured possessions in it.  It was essentially a window into the life of the previous owner and the struggle they must have endured.  It gave off a feeling of immense sadness.



So, there you have it, some of my scariest finds...  But never mind mine, I want to know about yours!  Have you ever found anything that made your skin crawl or sent shivers down your spine...?  Let me know all about it in the comments section below, I'm fascinated!



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