How I Lost My Most Treasured Antique Find & Its Surprise Return

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Hello and welcome once again to another instalment of 'Blog Post Monday'!

Sometimes in this job, you stumble across something that's just that little bit extra special, and this happened to me a couple of years ago.  I found what turned out to be my most exciting and treasured find to date and it ended up taking me on quite the journey.  So, this week, I'm going to tell you the story of this find, how I lost it and how, to my surprise, it has been returned to me.

So, as always, get that kettle on, buckle up and let me take you on this emotional rollercoaster of a ride...



I'll begin by briefly explaining how I came to find this treasured possession.  A couple of years ago now, whilst visiting an antiques centre, I spotted a model Spitfire.  The label said "Perspex Model Plane", but I instantly knew there was more to this than just a perspex plane.  So, I took a chance on it and bought it.  Upon getting it home, I began researching it and discovered that it was quite the rare piece.  Whilst I didn't found an enormous amount of information out about it, what I did find, put the hairs up on the back of my neck.



This model Spitfire was made during WW2 out of the perspex windshield of a Spitfire flown during that time.  Research suggested that models, such as this, were made out of pieces of crashed aircraft.  This instantly sent shivers down my spine.  This prized possession took pride of place in my lounge for around 12 months, before, out of the blue, I received a message about it.  This message was from Ricochet, a TV production company, who enquired as to whether I'd be interested in appearing on a new BBC antiques show called 'The Bidding Room', with it.



For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, 'The Bidding Room', Nigel Havers presides as sellers bring on their interesting items and come face to face with five dealers who battle it out to make the highest bid.  I was told at the time that I was under no obligation to the sell the item, but it was an interesting piece and it would be great to have it on the show.  So, of course, I nervously agreed.



Roll on three months, I attended the filming of season 1, with my model Spitfire.  I was taken into a room where Nigel Havers and resident expert, Simon Bower, were waiting for me.  This is where things took a bit of a turn...  My Spitfire was passed to Simon, who, unfortunately, dropped it and as it hit the table beneath, it split in two!



I then had to enter the bidding room to face the five dealers with my Spitfire in pieces.  Interest was weak in the piece to begin with, that is, until I told them what I knew about it.  This perked up Adi Higham's interest particularly.  I had no intention of selling it and I don't know if I was caught up in the emotion of the moment or what.  My favourite find had been broken, Adi was offering me £120 for it, I was surrounded by cameras and on top of all of this, Adi dropped the bombshell that he worked from an old RAF base which was used during WW2, and this item would be re-homed there.  Without really thinking, I accepted Adi's offer and I left The Bidding Room without my Spitfire.



I have missed it everyday since.  I've searched and searched, trying to find another, but alas, to no avail!  However, the story took another turn.  Roll on fourteen months and I receive a message from Adi Higham on Instagram, asking if I'd be interested in doing an Instagram Live chat with him one evening.  So, of course, I said yes.  Adi had said he had a confession that he had to make to me.  So, last Friday (9th April 2021) I chatted with Adi live on his Instagram and it was during this chat that he dropped his bombshell.



Adi explained that after I had left The Bidding Room, Nigel Havers came into the room, all excited about the Spitfire, and began flying around the room, pretending to be a Hurricane.  The producers then encouraged Adi to chase Nigel around the room with my Spitfire.  However, Adi explained that he'd been having a few problems with his trousers that day, in that they were far too large and kept falling down, so he was rather reluctant to start chasing Nigel.  Nevertheless, I guess pier pressure prevailed and he started chasing Nigel.  Consequently, his trousers began falling down and in a split second, he had to decide whether to save the Spitfire or his dignity.  Needless to say, he chose his dignity, and my Spitfire took another tumble to the floor, this time splitting into several pieces! 



I think Adi recognised that I didn't want to sell it at the time and having dropped it, he said that he felt really bad.  So, during our Live chat, Adi said he wanted to return the Spitfire to me, albeit in pieces.  He said that I had found this special piece and that it belonged with me.  What a lovely guy!  My favourite find had now gone full circle and has found its way back to me!  Words can't express how grateful I am.  This item will now stay with me.  No amount of money will make me part with it.  The plan is to get it fixed up and possibly mounted.



In fact, you can watch Adi and I talking about the episode of the bidding room and my perspex Spitfire in the YouTube video below.



Well, that's if for this week folks!  I hope you've enjoyed this little story.  I'd be interested to hear about your favourite finds and if you've ever lost something very special.  So, as always, let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.  If you are interested, you can read more about my appearance on 'The Bidding Room' here and if you missed it, you can see my Instagram Live chat with Adi here

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