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Welcome to another instalment of 'Blog Post Monday'!

If you follow my weekly blog you'll know that I've been interviewing some industry legends over the course of the past 12 months.  You'll also know that 'Hoof Brocante' and 'The Bidding Room's', Adi Higham, was one of my early interviews (which you can read here ).

Well, this week, just for a change and to try something a bit different, I decided to interview that same Adi Higham...again...! 

"Why?" you might ask...  Well, there are many reasons, really.  Firstly, as legends go, Adi is up there with some of the finest.  Secondly, my first interview with him has proved to be quite a popular one.  And, lastly, when I interviewed him back in November, I caught him at quite a busy time.  He'd been filming for 'The Bidding Room', as well as travelling back and forth from France on buying trips, so he didn't have a great deal of time.  But this time, my timings were perfect and Adi was on top form!

So, as always, get that kettle on, get those feet up and settle in for Adi Higham, 'Part Deux'...



Q.  What is your funniest trade story?

My funniest trade story happened at Swinderby.  I owned an Iveco crew cab and arrived at Swinderby with it full.  I sold all of my French furniture to a customer who also loved the truck, so I sold that to them too.  That night, I had nowhere to sleep as they had taken the van and the furniture, leaving me with nothing.  So, I slept under the plastic covers with the remaining bits of stock and it poured with rain all night.
The next morning I climbed from underneath my covers, to the surprise of my neighbours, and brushed myself down ready for the day.  That morning I was offered a small boxer van for £1000.  So I bought it.  An hour later I was offered £1000 for the van, plus a Mercedes 300d estate.  It was getting ridiculous!  So I was now heading back to France in an old Mercedes car… or so I thought…!  Nope, I decided to sell the Mercedes to a mate who lived in Ramsbottom.  I followed him home, bought his old Audi 100 estate for £100 and drove that back to France with the last few pieces of stock.  I then drove back to the UK after selling the Audi on eBay and got a lift to Melton Mowbray, where I bought a 7.5 ton truck, which, after all that dealing, cost me nothing!


Q.   What trends do you foresee for the coming year?


Well, what a question.  I think everyone is going to take a step back and look at their lives.  Who would have thought we’d see the days of lockdowns, masks, gloves and restricted travel.  It’s crazy, but the world has to keep turning.  I see online sales rocketing.  We all have bits of stock stashed away.  Bits we’d forgotten about or not repaired.  So I’m sure we’ll all think very differently and buy wiser.  We’ll have too, this is serious.  And by helping each other, we’ll be ok.  But most importantly, we must all stay safe.



Q.   What have you enjoyed most about your Bidding Room experience so far?


This is so easy.  I absolutely love all of the amazing messages I receive and fans of the show visiting Hoof HQ.  It’s just lovely.  On set, it’s so easy for me as I’m just me.  Meet me in real life and nothing changes.  I’m genuinely passionate about my job and life, and being part of ‘The Bidding Room’ has come at just the right time in my bonkers life.  I absolutely love that it’s had such a wonderful reception.  People seem to love it and that’s magical.


Q.   What would you like to see more of coming through the Bidding Room door?


When I agreed to be one of the dealers on ‘The Bidding Room’ I knew it was going to be difficult for the researchers to find what Tara and I buy in France.  So, I was determined to go in with an open mind. So, of course, when teddies and toys started appearing, I was delighted.
So teddies, bring them on.  And old interesting toys.  I also love bonkers stuff, like on our pilot day, someone bought in a tin of London fog from the 1920s…!  How ridiculous?!  But I bought it.  So, if it’s bonkers, come on, get yourself on the show.

Q.   What is your worst buy ever?


Another easy question.  In series 1 of ‘The Bidding Room’, there was a bit of a battle going on between Ian and myself, and he stuffed a set of 1960s metal draws into me for over £400!  Neither of us would give in.  I was well and truly stuffed.  But, both James and I got him back.

Q.   What would you be doing if you were not an antiques dealer?


I have always wanted to be on TV.  I’m very lucky to be on ‘The Bidding Room’.  But if I hadn’t become an antiques dealer, I would have certainly taken that route.  I love the camera.  The whole thing of being part of a program, to me it’s magical.  So, I’m very lucky to be combining the two.  But I would very easily jump ship to be on the TV more.  I adore it.


Well, that's it for this week folks!  I hope you've enjoyed Adi Higham 'Part Deux'.  It's always enjoyable to catch up with Adi.  His positivity and love of life is contagious!  Go give him a follow on his Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

Also, I understand, by way of celebrating the end of lockdown, he and his partner, Tara, are having a two day brocante spectacular (12th and 13th April '21) at 'Hoof Brocante' HQ.  They've loads of new stock and a new barbecue, which I understand they'll be firing up also!  So, be sure to get yourself over there for a visit.  You'll find them at Brookland, on the East Sussex/Kent border, on the A259 coming from Rye. They're located on an old RAF base.



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So, until next week, stay safe, keep buying those antiques and keep spreading that Source Vintage love!



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  • Pauline Hllam on

    Love the biding room but love Adi, he is such a Joy watch when toys are on. Love any Antique programe.

  • Doug Shaw on

    Have a 1920s pixie bagatelle enclosed in a glass covered green container .used to play with my dad many hours of fun .it is still functional and in very good condition .would you be interested in it as you like toys as such and I am thinking that you are missing one of these in your collection would you be interested in purchasing it from me .one sold at auction for £79 quite a few years ago .not seen one since .text me .bye

  • Brian on

    Love adi he comes across to me as a real human being love the show big b

  • Steve Dalton on

    Really enjoyed reading all about Adi he’s partner and stories about he’s business and how he started funny how you get into things by accident and it’s great when it all works out well and the number 1 thing you enjoy what your doing thanks again kind regards Steve 🤓👍

  • Adi on

    You are the best mate . Lovely write up. Thank you so much. And thank you to everyone that’s reads this. Xxxx

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