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Hello one and all!  It's Monday again and you know what that means!

If you've been following my blog, you'll know by now that I've been catching up with industry legends to find out how they got into the trade, about their favourite finds and their biggest regrets, and to get some advice for myself and for anyone else thinking of getting into the trade.  These short interviews will continue to come out over the course of the next few months, depending on who I can persuade to take part.

So far we've chatted to 'Dickinson's Real Deal's' very own Tim Hogarth, 'The Urban Vintage Affair' and 'The Bidding Room's' Natasha Francis and 'Bargain Hunt's' Gary Pe.  

This week I had the pleasure of chatting to Hoof Brocante's very own Adi Higham, whom some of you will also recognise from new BBC1 antiques show, 'The Bidding Room'.

** You can see Part 2 of my chat with Adi Higham by clicking HERE, and you do not want to miss it! **



Now, here's a fun fact for you.  I actually appeared on the first series of 'The Bidding Room' and Adi bought my item! To this day it has been one of my favourite finds and it's something I've regretted selling ever since! Who knows, with Christmas coming up, Adi just might find it in his heart to return it to me...

If you're interested, you can see Adi and I discussing that particular episode of the Bidding Room and all of the mishaps in my YouTube video below or, alternatively, you can read more about it here




Anyway, enough of these shameless plugs...! Let's get down to business!  Get that kettle on and let's find out what tickles Adi's fancy in the world of antiques...



Q.  How did you get into the antiques and vintage trade?



I fell into the antiques trade after buying a mountain bike in a local village auction for £10 and then selling it for £90. The buzz was incredible. So then I started going to loads of auctions and bought bits I liked. This is where my journey started.



Q.  What is your current genre or speciality?



99% of what I buy is from France. There is something very romantic about buying in France. They are just very passionate about their history. I adore it.



Q.  Who or what has been the main influence on your style?



Tara my partner is a massive influence in my style of buying . She has an amazing eye and picks out things I would never have bought before, but now love.



Q.  What has been your favourite find?



My favourite find. Easy. A 1969 Peugeot french fire engine.



Q.  Has there been a particular item that you missed out on and wish you had won in 'The Bidding Room'?



I missed out on a Donald Campbell lighter. It was beautiful. But it's okay, I've bought another one since.



Q.  Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into the antiques and vintage trade?



My advice for anyone entering this business. Take your time. Start slowly and find your style. Buy something and sell it. And repeat!! Only spend what you can afford, because mistakes happen. And if you try to be too clever, too quick, you could lose your pants!



You can find Adi, Tara and 'Hoof Brocante' at Brookland on the East Sussex/Kent border, on the A259 coming from Rye. They're located on an old RAF base. I'm yet to visit, but I intend to... to get my model spitfire back of course...! But, seriously, I've heard it's eccentric and very well priced. I mean, come on, "eccentric" and "very well priced" are right up my street! See you soon Adi!

** You can see Part 2 of my chat with Adi Higham by clicking HERE, and you do not want to miss it! **



Well, that's it for this week folks! I hope you've enjoyed finding out a little about Adi, Tara and 'Hoof Brocante'. Be sure to give Adi a follow on Facebook and Instagram, and more importantly, get yourselves over to 'Hoof Brocante' for a visit! Oh, and if you think he should give me back my spitfire, get that petition started in the comments section below!

So, until next week, stay safe, keep buying those antiques and keep spreading that Source Vintage love!



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  • Julie on

    I visited Hoof and it was a real disappointment, full of cobwebs,mouldy linen and pretty much that was it.
    Your behaviour on the Bidding Room,is childish and ruin’s the programme.You should just be considerate to other dealer’s as you can see they are fed up with you .

  • Gary on

    Hi Adi, do you still have the Bob Marley Rastaman vibration poster ? Gary 07515589317

  • Barry Leftwich on

    Hi adi watch all of you in the bidding room and I know you love teddies I have three old bears one was mine called big ted it must be about 60 years old. I have another one called Rupert who was my elder brothers must be late fifties and also an old straw corgi around late 50s unfortunately my mother list his eyes and put buttons on .I can send you photos if you want as I don’t want to throw them away

  • Bridie Doyle on

    Hi Adi
    I have a fibreglass Spider-Man car made in ItalyBought. In 1980s for sale
    Also a steiff. Art bear boxed for sale
    I live in Basingstoke

  • avril evans on

    Hi Adi I have a small shuco bear that does somersaults when wound. It was bought from Hamleys in the early sixties for me as I was a lover of bears and still am. It is in good condition and still works, comes with two keys. It was never overplayed with probably because its arms are still for the somersaulting and therefore did not have the cuddly factor a child liked. To give you a funny story that happened with regard to bear it nearly appeared on the antique road show the xmas version for toys they used to broadcast some years ago. I took the bear along and myself and two other people were put to sit at a table with dealer Bunny and she called to the camera crew who were approaching to film us. However, as they walked up to the table the camera man said to her “Sorry love we’re on dinner now.”. So bear lost out on his tv appearance. Are you interested in purchasing the bear as I know you are an arctophile and shuco toy lover ( excuse the spelling on shuco I am sure its wrong). I am trying to downsize and my children would not appreciate the bear it would probably be destroyed by the grandchildren. Bear is looking for a good and loving home. I can send pictures and we will be visiting Norfolk in early June.I know Romnrey marshes is not that far from there.

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